Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Jog On!

A long overdue marathon training update, my apologies:-

I have been taking it slowly since my crying-nervous-breakdown phase. This is due to two things. Firstly, my groin injury, and secondly well, this is embarrassing but... I think I'm scared of running. I know what you are thinking, I can hear you say it now:-

'Ro, how can anyone be afraid of running? It's just running, one foot in front of the other- jog on!'

However, the mind plays horrible tricks on you when you run. It's not only a physical but a mental challenge. The voices in your head you hear, the I cant's, the I wont's, the THIS REALLY HURTS!!!. After my previous long run debacle, I have been putting off long runs all together, and sticking to short, sharp bursts.

 I have changed running every day, to running every other day to prevent injury and help me recover from injuries better. There have been some running positives. I feel a lot healthier in myself, it is nice to breathe in nicotine unscented air, and to be able to walk up a hill... without collapsing mid-way and having to hike the rest of the journey dragged along holding on to the backs of passers-by heels. However, I'm still encountering the dreaded stitch, or as I like to all it 'death incarnate'. Surely I should be getting fitter by now, no? 

It starts with a tingle, nothing serious, something I can run through, but out of nowhere. BAM!!! Someone is digging in a metaphorical screwdriver, so painful that I physically can not run through it. This happens 10 minutes into a run, and knocks my confidence so much, that I just want to stop and go home. I have taken other runners' advice on twitter and started doing core strengthening exercises. Hopefully this will help alleviate the pain. I will keep you posted.

On some runs I feel fine, for example on Friday I did a 5k, felt great, no stitch, no voices in my head. I literally did what it said on the packet and put one foot in front of the other, slightly achy, but after a hot bath I felt great, proud of my accomplishment etc etc.

The next run: horrible stitch, mental blocks, stopping and starting, whining,whimpering, chucking my water bottle on the floor in a fit of frustration, whilst on-lookers gazed on in shock. Why is it that as soon as I feel I'm on track, I take 20 steps backwards, right to the start line. Is this due to boredom, tiredness or just the fact I'm not made to be a runner?

Anyway I'm going to join my local gym this week, as the nights are drawing in and the thought of running in good old English weather, in the dark - well, that is not helping to motivate me either. I will let you know how that goes.

My apologies for these bleak blog entries recently. I know I'm starting to become a broken record, but this blog is all about documenting the truth, and the truth right now is this...

...I'm in a running rut.

"Oh Piss off!!!"