Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Just what the doctor ordered...

Before I begin training. I wanted to check all the right parts were where they should be, and the old ticker was still  beating away okay.

 I got myself down to my local GP for a check up.  Your doctor will be able to offer advice tailored to you, taking your medical history into account.

A fitness test isn’t always enough to detect heart problems, so if anything in the list below applies to you, it’s best to get a full cardiac assessment before you take up running.

  • There’s a history of heart disease or sudden death in your family.
  • You suffer chest pains or discomfort when you exert yourself.
  • You experience sudden shortness of breath.
  • You have rapid heart palpitations. 

In my case it was surprisingly all clear (dam it, no way out) 

Apart from the common response ‘are you completely out of your mind’ I was all set, ready to go.

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